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Intelligent RSS News Aggregator

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Zeitgeist is Open Source software, free to download and use subject to the terms of the Apache Software Licence, Version 2.0.

Zeitgeist is a Java library for identifying common topics among a set of news articles downloaded from RSS feeds. It groups and ranks related articles. It is loosely based on the non-negative matrix factorisation example presented in chapter 10 of Toby Segaran's Programming Collective Intelligence book.

Sample HTML output.

Sample HTML Output

Zeitgeist includes a basic HTML publisher for generating a page of news headlines, complete with relevant images extracted from the feed articles. Refer to the README file for instructions on how to use Zeitgeist to generate a web page of news topics. The default output looks something like the image on the right (it can be customised with CSS).

Zeitgeist in Action

Zeitgeist is used to generate the football news headlines at